Friday, 1 August 2014

Advantages of Java Programming Languages

Java is most popular object-oriented programming language. Since its inception, this programming language gained immense popularity among the programmers. Java language is used in plenty of computing platforms; you can see it anywhere from web application, embedded devices, and enterprise servers to desktop computers. Java is popular domain with massive job opportunities. Software development firms are looking for talented and skilled programmers to engage in development process. Thus, training on Java is mandatory for fresh graduates to enter this popular domain. Java Training in Chennai @ FITA offer hands-on training and helps you to be aspiring java developer in leading software development industry.

In the point of view of several IT Experts, Java is considered as evergreen technology in terms of demand, application development, privacy and career opportunity. This programming language is loaded with incredible functionalities such as wide acceptance, rapid ascension, enhanced programming features, privacy, cross-platform support, etc. In Java programming language, you can write coding part once and runs it anywhere. Java is hot product of Sun Microsystems. This programming language is used for creating client-server application, web application, mobile games and apps. This evergreen programming language is chosen for network computers and universal front end for enterprise database.

Java is simple; object oriented, distributed, interpreted, and secures, architecture, multithread, portable, dynamic and neutral programming language.  Definitely, Java offer incredible advantage to the Java programmers. Here are some advantages of using Java programming language in software development.


Java programming language is specially designed to be user friendly. If compared with other language, Java is very easy to learn, write, compile and debug. This technology comes with garbage collection and memory management. It assists developers to write coding in short duration of time.

Platform In-dependent:

The best thing about Java programing language is platform independent. You can move the application from one system to another system without any hassle. Best word to describe Java programming language is “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. This language will support source and binary levels. This special feature is very beneficial to web application, which requires more flexibility.


If privacy and security is major concern, Java will be ideal option. Its language, interpreter, complier and runtime environment is customized with privacy in mind. It allows the programmers to download from network and runs in secure environment, without harming the local system.


Truly speaking, it is very hard to find programming languages that are truly robust. Java compliers are capable to identify errors at initial stages of execution. So, Java is considered as most reliable programming language among the developers.

Supports Multi-Tasks:

Java is capable of performing several tasks simultaneously. Advanced multithread programming concept is integrated with it. This programming language works best in visual and network programming. At the same time, this program allows developers to create multi-level applications with ease.


Java is open source platform. Hence, software development firm and individual developers no need to worry about heavy annual license fees.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Java Training Chennai

About Java Technology

Java is a high-level, platform independent programming language which is created to work in different environment on the Internet. Java is developed with GUI feature that offer enhanced appearance and experience over C++ language. Additionally it is easy to use java than C++ as it works on the concept of object-oriented programming model. Java permits us to take part in online games, video, audio, talk with individual in the world, bank based applications, analysing 3D image and Shopping Cart. Java is widely used in intranet applications and various e-business solutions that are considered to be the base of corporate computing. To develop an application on the web, Java is the most suitable and planned language to access.

It is an object-oriented language which is exactly related with C++, but easy to reduce language aspects that cause frequent programming faults. The source code application for Java are maintained in a separate files with .java extension and are collected in a format called byte code, files with  .class extension can be implemented by a Java performer. The accumulated Java code can run on most of the computers and can subsist for various operating systems such as UNIX, Macintosh , and Windows. By using just-in-time compiler (JIT) byte code will be renovated into machine language instructions. It is a general purpose programming language which consists of numerous features that are very much appropriate on WWW. Simple Java based applications are known as Java applets and it can be easily downloaded from Web server. Java compatible web browser can run Java applets which includes MS Internet explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Java is the most popular programming language because it is a platform independent which indicates that it runs on several types of computers. If Java Run environment (JRE) is installed, you can run Java programs in any computer. It is accessible in all computers such as PCs, Macintosh, UNIX, enormous mainframe computers, and also in cell phones.
It is a very simple programming language that provides frequently used utility functions that are not performed without java programs. Class library which is also known as Java API, is a part of language within Java itself. It is a very simple programming language which is easy to learn, write and design when compared with other programming languages. Java is object-oriented and is used to design various modular programs in other application. It is platform-independent and is almost stable in nature. The most considerable feature of Java is that you can run a program from one system to other system easily. It can work on all environments and any network programming which are performed using java technology is safe and secured. Robust is known for consistency. Java mainly concentrates on checking the errors, as Java compilers predict and solve the errors at the time of program execution and it supports Multithreaded. It is one way of executing the program to execute multiple tasks continuously within a program. The Java first of all comes from multithreaded programming concept. In other languages like c or C++ specific procedures have to be described in order to work on multithreading concept. So JAVA is a very simple programming language which can be performed in most of the computers.